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What is the purpose of the VOPA Austin Police Oversight Act?

The Austin Police Oversight Act is meant to bring transparency to the Austin Police Department. 
Its goal is to guarantee accountability for police misconduct and give the people of Austin a way to report alleged misconduct safely and anonymously. This act will make sure that information is made public whenever possible and Austin community members, not just the police department, have a voice in the disciplinary process of police officers.


The VOPA act will also comply with all applicable state and federal laws.


How does the VOPA Austin Police Oversight Act improve police oversight?

  • The Act will spell out what the citizens of Austin can expect when it comes to police transparency and accountability. 

  • The Act will empower the Office of Police Oversight to make information public while also keeping it in line with state laws.

  • The Act will allow the Office of Police Oversight to make recommendations to the Chief of Police regarding disciplinary actions against police officers.

  • The Act will establish checks and balances to make sure both police officers and the people of Austin are treated fairly and given due process.

How does increasing accountability discourage police misconduct?

The VOPA Austin Police Oversight Act will make sure that police officers know exactly what is expected of them—both by the department and the Austin community. Officers will be made fully aware that misconduct will not be tolerated, and that appropriate action will be taken against any who neglect or abuse their roles. 

This Act defines the expectations of the Austin community and will make sure officers know exactly the level of public safety service we want to see.


How does stronger oversight and improved transparency increase accountability?

Everyone has the right to due process. The VOPA Austin Police Oversight Act will guarantee due process for both police officers and those who interact with them. The Act will make sure investigations into police misconduct will be carried out fairly, thoroughly, and without bias. The Office of Police Oversight will oversee any internal investigations from the Austin Police Department to make sure officers are treated fairly, investigated fairly, and, if necessary, punished fairly. 

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